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Welcome to Smith Custom Knives. I have been a full time maker since 1993 and began engraving in 1994. All of my knives are made using the stock removal method, with the preferred steel being ATS-34 with a hand rubbed finish. Damascus steels, from a variety of skilled-forgers, are available in a variety of patterns. Natural handle materials are preferred, such as fossil ivory, stone, and Mother of Pearl. Folders with a variety of mechanisms such as rear lock, locking liner, and buttonlock are what I enjoy making. With one of a kind pieces being what I prefer personally.


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3" Etzler damascus blade with rope filework, Eggerling damascus bolsters, Fossil Walrus Ivory handles and spacer with rope filework, 14k gold thumbstud and handle screws, vine filework on anodized titanium liners

2 3/4" ATS-34 blade lockback with 14k gold thumbstud, mosaic inlay with Blacklip, Goldlip and white mother of pearl with 14k gold spacers. Engraved by maker with scrollwork and 24k gold inlay

3" Etzler damascus blade, Eggerling bolsters with 24k gold inlays, white mother of pearl handles with 14k gold screws and thumbstud, fileworked anodized titanium spacer

2 1/2" ATS-34 blade lockback with fluted Goldlip mother of pearl and 14k gold pins. Engraved by maker in "Sunset" motif with 24k gold inlays and border